Customized Workshops

We offer workshops that are designed to meet specific goals of organizations and groups. Theses workshops are built around the themes and interests of the group with the added benefit of team building, personal connection and new perspectives on group mission and objectives.

Workshops using Applied Theatre techniques take participants past the boardroom discussion to a more meaningful and in depth exploration of concepts that help establish effective team-work. This often involves exercises designed to examine a variety of perspectives involving organizational function, power distribution with empathy and sensitivity toward the goal of more open communication.


Similar to the workshops, Ignite offers new exciting ways to re-connect your organization and its members to its goals, objectives or mission through interactive games, discussion starters, playback theatre performances and forum theatre scenes.

Ignite can add a theatrical edge to your existing family story or your church and civic youth group. We can easily integrate into your agenda to energize board, spiritual, family or youth retreats.

Past Workshops and Retreats

  • Welcoming Gainesville
    • Defining Home
    • Meaningful Community
  • Spirituality of the Psalms
    •  Emmanuel Mennonite Church
  • Connecting to Community through Theatre
    • Introduction to Playback Theatre
  • Movement with a Purpose
    • Grace Marketplace
  • Characters Alive!
    • Connecting to Ill and Disadvantaged Children through Disney Princesses
    • University of Florida’s Project Princess and Capes and Tiaras
  • Connecting Spirituality and College Life through Theatre
    • University of Central Florida



Please contact us to discuss development and pricing. Ann Kinnebrew, 850 459 0442, or