Ann Kinnebrew
Executive Director

Ann Kinnebrew holds an MFA in Theatre from the University of Central Florida with a concentration in Applied Theatre and Theatre for Young Audiences. She is a trained Playback Theatre actor, conductor and director. Ann brings many years of experience as a teaching artist in schools and communities throughout much of the Southeast.

“Theatre can ignite the hearts and minds of a community. As a theatre artist, I am committed to listen to the community conversation and then to create artistic and dynamic ways to allow each voice to be heard. ”



Gwendolyn Gay
Digital Marketing Strategist

Gwendolyn is a digital marketing specialist from the California Central Coast. She holds a degree in communications with a minor in theatre. She has helped to promote community engagements, small non-profit fundraisers and large events for communities all over the United States.  She loves using her skills in social media to bring people together.