Transformation Players


Playback in Community

Playback Theatre is an original form of Improvisational Theatre in which audience or group members share stories of significant moments in their lives and then watch them enacted on the spot. Transformation Players Playback Theatre's performances offer a safe and inclusive space to share our own stories and experience a deeper connection to the wider Gainesville community story.

Playback Actors in Community

Playback actors become an agent for community meaning-making. They are more sensitive to their neighbors and friends and become more self-expressive and more self-reflective.

Playback actors are aware of their own place within the larger community and more connected to the concerns and missions of the wider community and begins to act globally.

Join the Troupe

To join our troupe as a playback actor you must attend one or more open rehearsals as well as commit to 4-6 months of regular attendance at weekly rehearsals or bi annual Intensive Workshop training. 

Transformation Players Playback Theatre has weekly rehearsals for regular community performance.  Check our Facebook Page for rehearsal schedules and locations.

Book a Performance

To book a performance for your organization, please contact Ann Kinnebrew, (850) 459 0442 to discuss the particulars.